App Update: Perimeter-Aware features now available.

We just updated Avimesa.Live to include the commercial deployment of our perimeter-aware feature. Perimeter awareness lets you associate a changing distance with a sensor reading. In our campaign video on the landing page, you will see two examples of combining sensors and perimeter awareness: (i) “Is the forklift unattended while the bay door is open?” and (ii) “Is the gate opening after hours while the guard is in her rounds?”

In the forklift example, Avimesa.Live is aware of the relative position of the forklift to an Avimesa Gadget Gateway and if it senses a combination of an open bay door with an unattended forklift nearby, it can send an alert if that condition remains for more than a preset number of seconds or minutes. In the gate example, the guard has an inexpensive BLE tag clipped to her belt so Avimesa.Live can see when she is not in the guardhouse and on her rounds.

The new perimeter aware feature has now been enhanced to allow role management and more granular control of sensing the distance of a BLE tag from the Avimesa Gadget Gateway. This new feature enhancement is available NOW, at no additional cost, to all Avimesa.Live users and beta testers. Additionally, the developer documentation is being updated to allow unlimited customization of this important feature.

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