Avimesa Geofencepost™

Build your own iBeacon geofencing system with Avimesa enabled Linux Gateways…but without GPS.

Avimesa Gateways are now also Geofenceposts that listen for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signal

Install Avimesa Gateways in multiple locations to create both separate and overlapping sensory ranges that track the positioning of your assets with inexpensive iBeacon tags.  You manage everything.

iBeacon Tagged Items Tracked Between Your Custom Avimesa Geofenceposts

Tiny beacon tags, with tinier batteries, who’s purpose in life is to broadcast their BLE signal which contains their individually unique MAC address, can be attached to just about anything that moves, that should only move a certain distance, or that shouldn’t move at all.

Shown Here: $14 RadBeacon 01 Dot, Radius Networks

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