Avimesa Machine Shop And Electronics Lab To Open October 15

Avimesa will be opening its Machine Shop and Electronics Lab on Monday, October 15th. The shop has a milling machine, metal lathe, movable band saw, bench grinders, 3D printer, work benches, assembly area, high-end electronic test equipment, hand tools, and many other features and equipment. It is located in Mission Beach, CA near restaurants, shops, and, of course, the beach. In addition to the fun aspect of the location, it is highly useful to IoT developers who need to calibrate their devices with true sea-level accuracy.

Uniquely, the full-service air-conditioned conference room (seats up to eight people comfortably with both projection and large screen monitors) has a purpose-built conference table that doubles as a workbench. That’s right—engineers can sit around the conference table, with any kind of tool in hand, and hammer away, solder, and do any other activities that would typically be restricted to a workbench.

Access is provided 24/7/365 for qualified Avimesa OEMs, VARs, and Development partners. Usage is scheduled and partners must individually certify personnel that use the equipment.

To preview the facility please contact us and we’ll be happy to show you around.