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Avimesa Dialtone

Avimesa Dialtone, or simply Dialtone, is the language of the Avimesa ecosystem. Dialtone is a protocol, defined by Avimesa, and it’s being used extensively under the hood of Avimesa.Live but, more importantly, it’s being used in almost every building block of the Avimesa Industrial IoT Solution. Dialtone is used by the Avimesa cloud to transmit an OTA DFU (over-the-air device firmware update) to an Avimesa-enabled device out in the field, it’s being used by an Avimesa Gadget client to transmit data into the cloud, and it’s being used to administer your Avimesa system when using the Avimesa Group API. Dailtone, when it comes to a developer using Avimesa’s products, will be JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) formatted with Avimesa-specific attributes described in detail throughout this document.

Pre-req: Message Direction

It’s very important that we make clear that there are two directions in which messages flow in almost any IoT Solution (including Avimesa’s):

  1. Device >> Cloud >> Application
  2. Device << Cloud << Application

Knowing this is integral to successfully developing IoT Solutions, but it’s not enough. For completeness, there are really two major transactions that occur:

  1. Device >> Cloud >> Application
    • (1) Device >> Cloud
    • (2) Cloud >> Application AND Device << Cloud
  2. Device << Cloud << Application
    • (1) Cloud << Application
    • (2) Device << Cloud AND Cloud >> Application

Acknowledgements from the cloud are what we were missing in the first description and it cannot be omitted. Now we are ready to learn about the semantics of Dialtone.

The Bare Minimum
    "api_maj": 0,
    "api_min": 11,

Here we specify which version of Dialtone to use: Avimesa infrequently releases updates to Dialtone but they do happen and this is how we handle backwards compatibility.