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Getting Started

This will guide you through adding two sensors and sending simulated data with Device Simulator and viewing them on the chart

1. Go to Devices and click on the Device ID with which you want to send data from

2. Click on + to add a sensor on top right of sensors info. Sensors must be added here otherwise messages sent from a device won’t be received properly.

3. Add a new Amp (AC) sensor on channel 1 with min reading 0 and max 5

4. Add a new Temp (Fahrenheit) sensor on channel 2 with min reading 0 and max 300

5. Go to Device Simulator

6. Select some values for the temperature & amperage along with the device that you added sensors too

7. View the results on the graph below!

Next Steps

Before you use real sensors, make sure you delete the simulated ones you created before to prep for real data. First select a sensor, then delete it.

You are now ready to try sending some real data!