Industrial IoT Consulting

While Avimesa is the easiest Industrial IoT solution on the planet, you may have some special needs or simply don’t have the time to get things set up. Aside from our many free phone and email support services we can give you a quote within 24 hours for a customized consulting package starting at only $3,000.

Sensor Configuration

Sensors come in a variety of linear and non-linear output formats that need to be converted to another scale.  For some sensors, such as industrial 4-20 mA loop sensors the scale is always linear.  For other sensors, the scale requires some scripting logic to read the sensor in the most accurate convention. Avimesa can write these scripts for you, for virtually any sensor, to work with Avimesa.Live or your custom Avimesa based configuration.

Sensor Selection

There are tens of thousands of sensor options that have even larger permutations of combinations.  Avimesa has years of experience working with the top sensor providers in the world.  Let us help you choose the best combination of sensors for your specific application. This consulting service can oftentimes reduce your time efforts by a factor of five to one or more!

Topology Configurations

Your system may have to run through a variety of networks and gateways to get out to the cloud. For example, you may need to optimize a collection of LTE, Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, and a variety of protocols. In addition to being sensor experts, Avimesa has people on staff with decades of networking experience.  Not only can we advise you, but we can actually help you configure your specific network interfaces.

Electrical & Electronics Design

Avimesa has a complete set of APIs and developer interfaces to integrate with your existing systems or to build a new application. And, we will give you the source codes in JavaScript and Node.js for free for the underlying Avimesa.js system that was used to build Avimesa.Live. And yes, we said for free. If you don’t have your own developers then we will work with you to build the spec and find the right developers within our network. Have your own developers? Consider getting a one or two-day training session with the developers that built Avimesa itself.

Talk to a Specialist

For more information on our Industrial IoT services click below to get in touch with one of our IoT specialists.

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