Avimesa Messages

Industrial IoT cloud services featuring a queue-based message broker, per-device JavaScript runtime for advanced edge computing, and other miscellaneous services for device administration from the cloud.

Messaging That Just Works

Avimesa Messages provides secure message delivery via a fully managed RabbitMQ cluster. RabbitMQ is the de facto when it comes to open-source message brokers and our cluster will store your data until you’re ready to pull it down and provide you with access to the administrative power available to you over your Avimesa account.

JS Runtime for Every Device

Available to each device in a containerized server-side runtime environment supporting ECMAScript 5.1 with a built-in native Avimesa API for functionality including messaging and file I/O.

Device Management

Avimesa Messages allows you to deploy and configure devices quickly and without any fussing around; just plug in, configure your devices, and watch the data flow. And with Avimesa.Live it's easier than ever to set up and deploy an Industrial IoT monitoring system within minutes.

Secure Firmware Updates

Built-in device firmware update service providing in-field updates for your devices. Simply upload an update package via the Avimesa API generated from popular tools like Nordic’s nrfutil.

Hardware Agnostic

Our fully-scriptable device cloud is optimized for Avimesa products but works with virtually any hardware using our software-based, portable Avimesa Gadget. This means hardware such as a Raspberry Pi can connect to the Avimesa platform.

Licensable Source Code

FULL SOURCE CODE LICENSE AVAILABLE. Well documented codes in C and Node included. Ported to Debian, Red Hat, Raspbian, and Nordic NRF series.