Avimesa IoT Hardware

CTI GG-LEL2 Methane Sensor

The GG-LEL2 is designed for harsh environments and is enclosed in an explosion-proof casing and can be installed outdoors.

CompuLab IOT-GATE-iMX8

The CompuLab IOT-GATE-iMX8 combines advanced connectivity options to power sensor networks. With LTE, WiFi, Cat5, Bluetooth, and 4-20mA capabilities, this gateway is a powerful solution for seamless data transmission and integration.

Methane Bundle

CTI GG-LEL2 methane sensor, CompuLab IOT-GATE-iMX8 gateway, and optional anemometer. Available as a bundle and comes with the Avimesa.live cloud platform for viewing data and setting alerts.

Avimesa 1000

Connects with up to 7 industrial 4-20 mA sensors and communicates via Bluetooth LE to an Avimesa-enabled gateway. Powered by 12-volt DC input and with its low power consumption, it can be powered by battery or solar.

Avimesa WiFi Gateway

The Avimesa Gateway is a Raspberry Pi-based WiFi gateway that allows Avimesa BLE devices to communicate with the Avimesa cloud. Download it for free and install the software on your own Raspberry Pi.