Avimesa Hardware

Solar-powered IoT Field Unit

Solar Field Unit

Solar-powered LTE & BLE gateway & mesh node with built-in methane sensor and almost unlimited sensing option expansion.

State-of-the-art MEMS based methane sensor and config
Real-time regional climate feeds
30,000 mAh battery + 30 watt solar panel with USB-C power in / out
BLE Mesh for up to 32,767 nodes per network
Built-in LTE – only one LTE connection needed per network
Digital display for field diagnostics
Battery & solar extenders for hundreds of acres per network
Rules engine with integrated regional climate feeds
SMS & email alerts plus graphing tool
Database & comms API
Flexible monthly plans
Professional services available

Avimesa 1000

Avimesa 1000 is designed and built for industrial usage and is ideal for industrial monitoring, predictive maintenance, and business intelligence using virtually any 4-20 mA sensor. Common 4-20 mA sensor types include temperature, humidity, vibration, soil moisture, air & liquid pressure, flow, pressure, proximity, solar radiation, voltage, and much more.

Avimesa 1000 has a highly power-efficient Cortex M4F processor that manages communication, measurement scheduling, sensor interface power control, and filtering of sensor data. The firmware is power-optimized, allowing for the use of battery power where needed. Great for solar applications when used with a small battery backup. Connect up to seven 4-20 mA sensors per board. (P3) The Avimesa 1000 firmware can be updated over-the-air (OTA DFU) and is configurable from the Avimesa cloud.

Avimesa Wifi Gateway

The Avimesa Gateway is a Raspberry Pi-based WiFi gateway that allows Avimesa BLE devices to communicate with the Avimesa cloud. Purchase a complete device or download it for free and install the software on your own Raspberry Pi.

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