Avimesa Hardware

Avimesa 1000

Avimesa 1000 is designed and built for industrial usage and is ideal for industrial monitoring, predictive maintenance, and business intelligence using virtually any 4-20 mA sensor. Common 4-20 mA sensor types include temperature, humidity, vibration, soil moisture, air & liquid pressure, flow, pressure, proximity, solar radiation, voltage, and much more.

Avimesa 1000 has a highly power-efficient Cortex M4F processor that manages communication, measurement scheduling, sensor interface power control, and filtering of sensor data. The firmware is power-optimized, allowing for the use of battery power where needed. Great for solar applications when used with a small battery backup. Connect up to seven 4-20 mA sensors per board. (P3) The Avimesa 1000 firmware can be updated over-the-air (OTA DFU) and is configurable from the Avimesa cloud.

Avimesa Wifi Gateway

The Avimesa Gateway is a Raspberry Pi-based WiFi gateway that allows Avimesa BLE devices to communicate with the Avimesa cloud. Purchase a complete device or download it for free and install the software on your own Raspberry Pi.

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