Avimesa brings meaningful Industrial IoT to component, sensor, device and kit suppliers

Avimesa, an application and infrastructure supplier of IoT industrial and commercial monitoring is immediately delivering a complete Industrial IoT SaaS application for key component, sensor, and device kit suppliers. This IoT cloud super-structure, hosted on AWS or On-Prem, instantly enables end-users and their developers to pick and choose from existing IoT and sensor parts and associate the parts with a supplier shopping cart and the Avimesa.Live application. Once a shopping cart is populated, the parts are directly integrated as a functioning device in the SaaS application. The pieces in Avimesa.Live come together seamlessly to visualize the sensor data, alerts, notifications, and device calibration information. Because Avimesa.Live has a built-in simulator, the SaaS application is usable before the parts actually arrive.

Avimesa contains:

Avimesa Messages — A message-based cloud platform that utilizes RabbitMQ, LDAP, NFS, and high-performance code, written in ‘C’, to administer and deliver IoT technologies at scale. Access to the platform is via AMQP and RESTful API’s which provides a JavaScript runtime for message filtering, device management, provisioning, notifications, alerts, and user role management. Also included is integrated OTA forfirmware updates.

Avimesa Gadget — A free software tool for devices to communicate with Avimesa Messages using any programming language. On devices, such as a Raspberry Pi, that have BLE installed, “Gadget” can also operate as a BLE<->Internet gateway. On hardware like ARM based Nordic chips, it can run native without an operating system.

Avimesa.Live — A robust, monitored, and a hosted IoT SaaS application that provides a “get going in minutes” but long term viability interface to deploy IoT applications. It is designed to easily configure almost any sensor and IoT hardware from leading hardware and kit providers.

About Avimesa Corporation.

Only three years old and founded in 2017, Avimesa focuses on an “Everything is Scriptable” approach. While the core high performance systems are carefully coded in C, the outer layers are done in appropriate versions of JavaScript such as Node.JS and Samsung’s JerryScript. The company maintains a complete electronics lab, software lab, and machine shop in San Diego, California. Durability and accuracy is fundamental to Avimesa and has been proven with billions and billions of sensor messages reliably transmitted and received.