Avimesa Gadget 3.0 released for Compulab and is available for free

Avimesa Corporation, a leading provider of Industrial IoT solutions, today announced the release of Avimesa Gadget 3.0 for Compulab.  Avimesa Gadget is one of the two primary software components in Avimesa’s IoT solution beside Avimesa’s AWS-based device management cloud, Avimesa.Live. Avimesa Gadget 3.0 for Compulab is the second major upgrade to the software initially targeting the Compulab IOT-GATE-iMX8 IoT Gateway. Major features affected in this release include Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) security enhancements, two OTA configurable 4-20 sensor channels, and RS232 enhancements.

Example industry applications include Chemical Processing, Agriculture, Fluid Runoff & Drainage, Leaks, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Metal and Alloy Manufacturing, Equipment Manufacturing, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Solar Power Farms, and Food Processing.  Avimesa Gadget can also be used to create sensor networks that cover 100s of acres with a single LTE or other network connection.  Each Avimesa Gadget installed also knows the approximate distance of any BLE sensors, so sensors on moving equipment or people can be tracked by distance from a particular IoT Gateway location.

Avimesa Gadget is a configurable "gadget" that runs on an IoT Gateway, and is also re-entrant for creating firmware versions for hardware that has no operating system (special licensing is required).  Avimesa Gadget provides a configurable interface that can plug into any sensor connected to the IoT Gateway in the field.  In addition to wired sensors connected to the IoT Gateway, Avimesa Gadget has a complete Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stack that can be used to incorporate the wide variety of off-the-shelf BLE sensors available on the market. Avimesa Gadget also has a complete 4-20mA loop and RS232/RS485 interface that can be used to connect to industrial sensors and equipment.

Avimesa Gadget can be used "off-the-shelf" to immediately connect with standard supported sensor and equipment configurations.  For a typical custom configuration, a developer can use a Python or other script to hook custom sensors and equipment to the Avimesa Gadget and have it immediately connect to the Avimesa.Live cloud.

In addition to using Avimesa Gadget for connecting sensors and equipment in real time, it can also be used for data logging applications that gather data from sensors and equipment and store it locally on the IoT Gateway for later upload to the cloud on a schedule or opportunity basis.

A wide variety of interfaces can be combined using Avimesa Gadget.  A short list of supported interfaces on the CompuLab includes:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5.3)
  • 4-20mA Loop Industrial Sensors
  • RS232/RS485 connected equipment
  • Modbus RTU and other industrial protocols
  • I2C and SPI connected sensors and equipment
  • Other digital GPIO based sensors and equipment
  • Internet based UDP and TCP/IP protocols
  • USB connected sensors and equipment
  • WiFi and Ethernet connected equipment
  • LTE and other cellular modems
  • CAN Bus / CAN-FD for automotive related

All versions of Avimesa products are brandable so that OEM's can provide a complete solution that matches their brand look and feel and specialized functionality.

Avimesa Gadget 3.0 will also be made available for Raspberry Pi configurations.

Interested parties should email sales@avimesa.com with the word "Avimesa Gadget” or “Gadget”  in the subject line for more information.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Paul Peterson, VP Marketing
Avimesa Corporation

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