Avimesa Integrates CTI GG-LEL2 Methane Sensor — Cloud-based CH4 Gas Detection for Harsh Environments

Avimesa Corporation has completed testing of the CTI GG-LEL2 sensor with the CompuLab IOT-GATE-iMX8 gateway and the Avimesa.Live cloud platform. The GG-LEL2 is a methane sensor designed for harsh environments and is enclosed in an explosion-proof casing. The enclosed element is designed for long life in harsh industrial environments and can even be installed outdoors.

CompuLab boards are also used by NASA for managing data storage and execution of tasks on the NASA rover Perseverance, so it is fair to say that Compulab has experience with harsh environments. The version of CompuLab used for testing with the CTI GG-LEL2 uses the industry-standard 4-20mA loop interface and is available as a standard option on the IOT-GATE-iMX8. Avimesa has years of experience with the 4-20mA loop interface, and support for it is built into both the Avimesa.Live cloud and the Avimesa Gadget client software, which runs on the CompuLab.

In addition to the methane sensor, Avimesa has integrated weather readings from windy.com to provide a complete picture of an outdoor installation. The sensor reports methane on a 0-100% LEL scale, and weather forecasting including wind speed, direction, and pressure can be used to add context to the methane readings. The Avimesa.Live cloud platform provides a complete dashboard and graphing for the data and can also be used to send alarms and alerts via SMS or email.

The CTI GG-LEL2 is available directly from CTI or can be purchased from Avimesa as part of a complete IIoT solution that includes calibration. Additional sensors can be added to the IOT-GATE-iMX8, fully integrated with Avimesa.Live and Avimesa Gadget.

The cloud connection to the system can also be established with LTE or Satellite for installations that don't have readily available WiFi or Ethernet.

Interested parties should email sales@avimesa.com with the word "methane" in the subject line for more information.

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