Avimesa, The Industrial Internet Company, brings climate conditions to Industrial IoT logic

Avimesa, The Industrial Internet Company, is going to fuel its new shared sensor capability with free climate feeds for Avimesa.Live beta users. Initially, wind, wind gusts, temperature, dew point, precipitation (rain, snow, convective), precipitation type, CAPE index, high clouds, medium clouds, low clouds, humidity, geopotential height, pressure, waves, wind waves, swell, swell 2, CO concentration, dust mass, and SO2 can be used to augment Industrial IoT sensor readings. Reading availability varies depending on the region selected and other factors such as climate model.

Simple logic such as “If it is raining near me, then check the flood sensors once per minute else check them once per hour” can be used to more intelligently manage readings so they use less bandwidth and are more relevant. More complex logic can be constructed using other Avimesa features, such as perimeter awareness, to create highly aware alerts, notifications, and graphs. The readings are actually delivered using the Avimesa Industrial IoT Shared Sensor network. More information on the shared sensors can be found here:
Avimesa brings the concept of “Shared Sensors” to Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Said Collin Hinson, Avimesa VP of Technology, “We felt that we can ‘supercharge’ the shared sensor system by using the same technology to also deliver feeds from other sources. Doing climate as our first external feed was a no-brainer because it immediately adds value to many different types of sensors.”

The company has not yet included methane in its climate readings as it is still evaluating feeds that could be useful for both oil and gas as well as agriculture customers. Obviously, with the various different infrastructure and climate deals being done internationally, methane is becoming increasingly important to monitor. Avimesa already offers methane detection using off-the-shelf sensors, such as the Cubic SJH 100, that will benefit greatly when regional feeds are made available that show plumes of the greenhouse gas.

Pricing for the new climate feeds is free to Avimesa.Live beta users; they will receive a notification over the next weeks as their account is enabled with the climate feed. Users will be able to get a regional climate reading for free every five minutes. The climate reading appears in the dashboard as just another sensor so the alerts, notifications, and graphs work in the same way. Corporate and government users can use Avimesa Professional Services to add their own feeds to the shared sensor network.

A video showing how the Avimesa Industrial IoT superstructure works can be seen on the StartEngine website. Watch the Avimesa video at https://startengine.com/avimesa

About Avimesa Corporation.
Starting operation in early 2017, Avimesa focuses on an “Everything is Scriptable” approach. While the core high-performance technology is coded in C, the outer layers are done in appropriate renditions of JavaScript. Durability and accuracy are fundamental to Avimesa and have been proven with billions of sensor messages delivered via the Avimesa Messages cloud.

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