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Case Study: Tako Inc.

Avimesa worked with Tako to deploy a customized Tako branded Industrial IoT solution for vacuum pumps that are used in a variety of industries spanning from Semiconductor to Food Processing to Agriculture to LED Manufacturing and more.
Avimesa deployed a branded and customized version of for Tako, Inc.

Avimesa recently collaborated with Tako, a MaxVac brand, to modernize their widely used vacuum pump across various industries, including semiconductor, agriculture, and food processing. The implemented solution leverages the pump's built-in sensors while incorporating additional sensors to provide comprehensive insights into its operation.

"Avimesa enabled us to launch a fully branded Industrial IIoT solution within an impressively short timeframe. The system, integrating hundreds of sensor types, was up and running within weeks. Additionally, Avimesa seamlessly integrated custom hardware within a few months." — Andy Beam, CEO Tako, Inc.

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The Avimesa.Live web application lets you view your sensor data with a customizable dashboard, set up SMS and email alerts, manage devices, and more. Plus, it's offered as part as our OEM solution which can be customized with your own branding and features.


Configure and monitor your devices: identification, OTA updates, connectivity health, and more.

Rules Engine

Define custom alerts and assign them to your data feeds & sensor readings for SMS & email notifications.


Facilitate integration with external databases and applications through a robust API.


A customizable dashboard for data visualization for all your devices, data feeds, and sensor readings. 

Learn how Avimesa can connect your company's things.